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Anniversary Poster

Wow, it's been nearly one year since you took one of the largest life altering steps of your existence and said "I Do". The good news is that you have made it all the way through the first year of matrimony and love each other more than ever. The bad news is that now you have to locate a 1st wedding anniversary gift that will express your feelings of commitment and love.

For my 1st wedding anniversary I chose to follow the "Traditional Anniversary Gift List" which is a directory of wedding anniversaries and the symbolic materials for each anniversary one through fifteen and every five years from there on. The "list" was comprised of a variety of anniversary customs and was approved by the late Mrs. Emily Post which was recognized as "the last word" in etiquette.

According to the traditional anniversary gift list' "paper" is the first anniversary gift. So now after deciding to be a true romantic and attempt to follow tradition, I am confronted with trying to locate a gift of paper that will demonstrate commitment, romance and love. I have to confess that I was a little overwhelmed at first, but after a little deliberation and some assistance from Google I had compiled a good list of paper gifts.

Message in a Bottle, this can be an extremely romantic and stirring gift item. Just imagine the expression on their face while they unwrap the box or better yet when they discover the bottle that you hid someplace they will find it. Then upon removing the stopper and reading the note they realize it was written for them.

Handmade paper roses, this may well be the ideal present for a first anniversary. You'll get the wow aspect of roses and the romance of following tradition with paper.

Customized Poetry, this is an exceptional gift idea as you get romance with the poetry and tradition since its printed on paper. If you're not much of a poet don't worry, you can easily find fill-in-the-blanks type poetry online for free and there are also writers who specialize in writing poetry for customers.

Their favorite photos framed, a fine do it yourself gift can be a solitary photo or a collage.

Art print/poster, this item can be as economical as a poster from the local chain store or as costly as a numbered and signed art print. Classic movie posters are nice gifts for movie buffs.

Romantic love letter. Great gift on its own, and as an addition for other gifts. If you're not good at expressing feelings and writing them down don't worry, there are plenty of free love letters online that you can reword and make your own.

Paper tickets to a movie, show or sporting event, this gift idea can be as inexpensive as local movie tickets or as exclusive as tickets to a sold out Broadway show. Anniversary Poster

Love Coupons, an entertaining gift that you can create yourself rather easily. Just search "love coupons" and you'll locate plenty of free printable love coupons, the majority have fill in the blanks forms for names and values. You can make the coupon exchangeable for something like a dinner out or massage or anything you want.

Greatest _____ Awards, you can create a Greatest Spouse, Friend, Lover or anything you want award. There are loads of free printable awards certificates on the internet, all you have to do is fill in the blanks and print then roll into  scroll or frame and you have a considerate gift of paper.

A name meaning print with the couple's first names. Framed or scrolled, name prints make very good gifts showing the origin and meaning of their first names.

Mark Dietzel owns and operates The Anniversary Rose, a website that specializes in first anniversary gifts as well as the other milestone anniversaries. An anniversary symbolizes a celebration of the most precious individual in your life, your husband or wife. No matter how much time a couple may have spent together, they will always have a reason to celebrate. Anniversary gifts can be quiet tricky to choose as one always wants to impress, but at the same time one needs to make each year's anniversary gift different. Here are some ideas and themes that should be looked at.

Just or Me And You  visit more information

A collection of photographs featuring a romantic or funny touch often make the perfect gift when spiced up with some romantic words. Calendars also make great gifts and the wide variety of themes and images over the calendar months bring a strong message. A personalised wall clock, with a picture of the wedding in the background can be appreciated for years to come. Each day you will be reminded of your wedding day. If writing is your passion, a small notebook revealing memories from your marriage and the changes you have seen in your partner can make a wondrful and most cherished gift.

A Blast From The Pas

A poster with your wedding picture makes a great gift. An old newspaper with the date of the wedding is certain to freshen up the memories. Sprinkle the newspaper with reprinted wedding invitations to add extra authenticity. If money is no object what could make a better gift than a surprise holiday to your original honeymoon destination. Reminisce and recount the journey you have made together and the support, encouragement and care you have shown for each o Anniversary Poster

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